Dear Café Du Soleil Patrons,


The global spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic is affecting many of us currently. As a small business, we will still be open to the public. We will take action by serving through take out only. Although we love to see our patrons and converse with them on a daily basis, we have to take proper action to keep ourselves and everyone around us safe to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Please take a look at our menu on the menu page. Please be advised that due the COVID-19 outbreak, some of the items on our menu will not be available.


We will also be available through delivery using DoorDash! Please check us out!


Thank you for your patience. Please practice social distancing and washing your hands with diligence. Also in the spirit of how people are reacting to the current situation, please be kind to one another because we are all in this together.


Thank you and please stay safe.




The Café Du Soleil Family.