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Welcome to The Original Café du Soleil, first on “The Drive” circa 1992, located at 1393 Commercial Drive (“The Drive”), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


Café du Soleil is located in the very progressive Grandview Woodlands neighbourhood. We are located between Kitchener Street and Charles Street.


Café du Soleil is fully licensed bistro style restaurant, it’s a cozy bistro with seating restricted to seven tables and bar seating.  We are currently open for breakfast and lunch.


Café du Soleil is a stand alone operation, our restaurant is not affiliated with any other restaurant on “The Drive”.  Similar sounding restaurants abound but we are a distinct operation and our main goal is to provide an exciting dining experience with memorable dishes. Excellence in dining and service is our goal.

About the menu, we use as many organic item as possible, locally sourced, locally produced, ethically harvested, small family operation providing most if not all of our menu items. At Café Du Soleil we serve Vegan, Vegetarian, and West Coast Cuisine, with an emphasis on plant based organic menu items.


We are extending a warm heartfelt invitation to all.  Come and joins us for an exciting dining experience at The Original Café Du Soleil.


Thank you.

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